The miracles of Jesus

On his time on earth, Jesus son of God not only fulfilled his father’s mission but also performed a series of extraordinary miracles which were beyond the ability of a mortal human being.

The best known and famous miracles amount to seven. The major reasons for Jesus to perform these miracles can be anchored to the unending love he had for humanity. The miracles were also symbolic in nature.

His first miracle was at the festive wedding in the village of Cana, where he turned water into wine, This was described as the best wine ever in such a function occasioned by a mammoth of humanity, It’s in this miracle that his glory as the son of the almighty God was unveiled and his first few disciples had their faith got more entrenched in him than before. From the Christian religion, this miracle symbolizes the cleansing of Christianity and filling it with the Holy Ghost.

His second miracle is when he healed the son of a noble man with ease; this is perceived to mean that the Christian lot is now cured and exalted with the greatness of the almighty.

The third miracle is when Jesus heals a lame man and makes him walk on his feet; this is conceptualized as revitalization of the Christian religion and walking the talk of this new hope.

The fourth miracle happens when he feeds a multitude of thousands of people with only two fish and five breads; this is translated as the unending nourishment that the lord has brought to his people.

The fifth miracle is when Jesus calms the violent waves when he sailed with his disciples which filled them with great fears, the true depiction from this is that the power of the almighty overcomes all fears during stormy moments in our lives.

The sixth miracle is when he opened the eyes of a blind person and made him see again, this is a reflection of how the power of God makes the believers realize the newness brought into our lives when we accept the power of God into our lives.

The seventh miracles is when he brought back to life Lazarus after lying in his tomb for several days, this shows that the power of God is superior than any other power.

These miracles culminated the mission of Jesus on earth and they remain a true inspiration to the Christian fraternity.