A Good Way To Start An Argumentative Essay

Starting your essay includes planning and taking a considerable amount of thought for your idea. Argumentative essays can be interesting assignments to work on when you know how you want to present your argument. How you start your essay can make a difference in how your audience perceives your views on the subject. The good news is there are a few simple elements to review that can help you get a good start for your essay.

Plan Your Topic and Find a Good One

When you know your topic you will probably start thinking about your introduction and how you want to introduce your position to the argument. Your introduction paragraph should grab the attention of the reader. It will state your main idea or argument. You need to think about this as you prepare your topic and get ideas on what to write. Certain elements will need to be present for your topic and you want something you feel you can explain thoroughly. Your topic should have logic and reasoning that others can relate to.

Think about Both Sides of the Argument and Determine Your Position

Once you have had a chance to review a list of potential essay topics you want to choose your position. In doing so you will review points from both sides; in most cases you may already know your position depending on the topic. For instance, if abortion is your topic you may feel you are for it or against it, as it is a controversial topic.

As you think about the side you are on you will need to find information that will allow you to present both sides of the issue. As you do so in your essay you will evaluate and access them equally. When you do this you should know how to present your side as the best option which is defined in your conclusion.

Gather Supporting Details and Plan Your Rough Draft

Think about details you will need and where you can collect them from. Even though an argumentative essay presents both sides an argument, you need to be able to do so without emotion. You are providing a written argument that accurately states two sides with your position on top in the end. Once you have gathered your notes you can write your draft. At this point you have had plenty of time to think about your essay and how to present it.