Should More Women Be In Government?

For the most part, politics are considered to be a “man’s game.” It is by far one of the most skewed professions, leaning overwhelming in man’s favor. 51% of the United States population is female, yet only 17% of our government (Congress) is women. The number for women of color in congress plummets even further (an underwhelming 4%). The government needs to change and make room for political female figures. Here’s why.

Some dare say that women have no pride. Well, you can also say that men have too much pride. It blinds them and makes working together extremely difficult. There have been multiple studies that show women are more collaborative and orchestrate more win-win results in Congress. Women seem to be better able to grasp the “big picture,” and put aside petty differences—such as party affiliation—in the pursuit of what the people need.

More importantly, women have a very unique and powerful role in our society—they promote and stir change. We all know the saying, “Behind every good man is a great woman.” Anna Eleanor Roosevelt is a perfect example. Not only was she a wife, but an excellent politician that helped her husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the most celebrated presidents in American History, with many of his political stances. While men can certainly be inspirational, women are more often than not sensitively practical and impassioned to the human condition. Through this, they are able to effectively empathize with people and, in turn, inspire.

Another good reason for us to jumpstart this kind of political reform is because the United States is behind the times. Compared to other nations, we rank surprisingly low (considering we are the first to promote freedom and the pursuit of happiness). In recent studies, the US placed behind Afghanistan—a country infamous for its poor sense of women’s rights, even after political reform—in the number of women involved in government. This might be shocking, but sadly, this isn’t a recent development.

The list of reasons why women should be more involved in government, and represent a large portion, continues to grow day by day. These are just three reasons, but they are enough to bring about a sense of injustice and the need for reform, their selves. Imagine how a much larger list will make you feel. This change needs to happen.