Composing a Scientific Research Paper: How to Concentrate

When it comes to upper level high school and college writing, remaining focused on a research paper can be difficult. With so many electronic forms of communication constantly available, every e-mail or social media message serves as a distraction from the writing process. For individuals who want to work independently and focus on their writing assignment, the following tips can help.

Clearing out Distractions

It is the normal process of the human mind to stay focused on something. Unfortunately, the human mind is able to focus on different subjects using different degrees of consciousness. Due to this, the writer may be focused on their paper, but small parts of their mind are thinking about other topics. In a way, this is a positive thing. Students do not have to consciously decide on each word that they use. When this ability to focus on multiple things at once prevents true concentration, it ends up leading to problems. Outside distractions like children, dogs or e-mail messages can end up harming the writing process. For the student to successfully write their scientific research paper, they have to be able to clear out some of these distractions.

Check E-mail in Batches

Few people like to write a scientific research paper. Due to this, it is far too easy for students to waste time by constantly checking e-mail and Facebook messages. Instead of continuously checking the Internet for updates, students should set two times of the day when they can check their e-mail. In general, noon and four PM work well for e-mail checks. These times allow the student to get into the research mode before lunch. After lunch, they have three to four hours of uninterrupted time to organize their notes and begin writing.

Turning Off the Internet

When all of the research is complete, students have no reason to use the Internet any longer. If the desire to surf the Web and check e-mail is too strong, the best solution is to turn off any wireless connections. Without the ability to connect to the Internet, students have effectively removed one source of their distractions. Sometimes, the Internet may still be needed to check on reference materials or a quotation. Instead of turning the wireless connection back on, students should just make a note of it in their writing. Once the day's work is complete, they can turn on the Internet and check all of their notes on-line.