Suggestions On How To Write A Winning Research Paper For A Science Fair

Do you need to compose a research paper for an upcoming science fair? We have some ideas to help you get a great grade!

Take The Time To Find A Terrific Topic

Sometimes your teacher will assign you a topic for your research assignment. Other times you are free to choose pretty much any subject that you like. Always choose a field of study that you are truly interested in, and ideally, already have some background knowledge of. Many students make the mistake or choosing a topic that is too broad to be adequately addressed in a science fair term paper.

For example, choosing “endangered African wildlife” is too big a subject to be addressed in a research paper assignment. Instead, you could research and write your essay on “strategies for cheetah conservation in Zimbabwe”. If you are worried about your choice of topic, arrange to speak with your course instructor. You want to make sure that you have a relevant and manageable topic before you start the required research, reading and writing needed to complete the assignment.

Create A Killer Outline

Having a well thought out plan of attack will save you time and effort as you work on your research paper. If you put together a clear outline, you will have a “road map” to follow when it comes time to create your final draft. The best research essays are arranged with an introduction, three or more supporting paragraphs in the body of your paper, and a conclusion.

Start be creating a page for each of these parts of you essay. Remember that each supporting paragraph should deal with one specific piece of data or evidence. Don't get off track! You want your reader to be able to follow along closely with you as you document the research you have done and the conclusions that you have reached.

Start Out Strong

At a science fair there will be many different exhibits, presentations and papers all competing for the public's attention. You must have a great opening if you are to get them interested in your research paper. Visualize the science fair as a lake, and you (along with many other) are fishing. Everyone is casting out ideas, and the “fish” (the participants attending the fair) are nibbling at what hits the water.

Your job is to get them hooked! Come up with a great introduction, and approach your topic from a creative and unique angle. You only have a few lines to someone interested in your ideas. Hook them quick and reel them in!