Plagiarism free research paper examples

Research paper examples are getting harder to find. As students and teachers worry about plagiarism, they have stopped sharing examples online. Since students who do not know any better are more than willing to claim a free research paper as their own, students who do know better are willing to sell their papers to the highest bidders. So, where do you go to find a research paper example that is free of plagiarism?

Visit Your Teacher

The answer is simple: your professor or teacher. Due to the fact that posting research papers online is no longer a good idea, professors and teachers will save hard copies of their favorite papers just to use as examples. Due to security reasons, professors usually will not let the papers out of their sight, because it is very easy to stop at the copy machine and get a free copy to plagiarize as students see fit.

Try Not to Plagiarize by Knowing How to Document

So many research papers are plagiarized today and students do not even realize it. With improper documentation techniques, students can quickly have a plagiarized paper. It is important that students not only know how to create a works cited page, but also how to complete in-text documentation. One missed documentation can create serious problems, especially if the student is writing in college. Professors are quite good at noticing whether or not information should be documented or not.

Use the Sample as a Template

If you are able to find a plagiarism-free research paper, you can use it in many different ways. The best thing to do is not copy it, but to use it as a template. The fact that it does not have any plagiarism proves that the writer knew what he or she was doing. Look at the hook, the body paragraphs, and the special features. If you use a research paper example as a template, it is not plagiarism, especially if you do not copy anything from it.

When you use a research paper as a template, you can look at small features, too. Check out the number of sentences in each paragraph and the way the sub-headlines are written. You can also look at the topic sentences and how they support the thesis. You can even look at the thesis and how it was restated in the conclusion. There is no limit to the inspirations that can be garnered from a well-written, plagiarism-free sample paper.