10 cold war research paper topics you might like

The topic as general as “Cold War” pay present a challenge to a regular student. As you may already know, a research paper calls for a specific aspect that can be studied. It is, of course, not possible to write a paper on something as broad as the whole period of Cold War and you will have to narrow it down for yourself. Here are some suggestions for you on what you may want to write about. All topics are divided into groups for your convenience.

Reasons of Cold War.

Here you may write about the countries that contributed to the start of the Cold War (3 main regions: US, Russia/Europe, East), events that were on of the reasons of it or politician, who made the Cold War possible.

  • In what measures did the Eastern European countries influence the beginning of the Cold War?
  • What impact did the Yalta conference have on the origins of Cold War?
  • Was Marshall plan created to have a superiority in the Cold War?

Actions of the participating countries during the Cold War.

You may speak about any events during the Cold War that draw your attention. Decisions, taken by country leaders, how they were fulfilled and the results of the actions will form a very interesting research paper.

  • What were the reasons and results of proclaiming the “Truman doctrine?
  • Progress in the outer space as a part of Cold War.
  • Could the proliferation of nuclear weapons could be avoided during the Cold War?
  • Cold War strategy of the United States and how it was fulfilled.

The World after the Cold War.

To this section below the results and outcome of the Cold War, the influence it had on the development of world in general and a separate country and how the world continue to live after the Cold War ended.

  • Influence of the Iron curtain on further development of the Russian Federation.
  • Can any country be considered a single winner of the Cold War?
  • How can the impact of Cold War be visible on future relationship among the participant countries?

In conclusion, the field of Cold War is very broad and you will for sure find something interesting to write about. If any of the topics sounds interesting enough for you, take your time and research more on the matter, if you will be interested in further research, you have selected just the right topic for yourself!