How to create an Essay about a famous Person

Writing an essay on a famous person is actually really just like writing any other kind of essay. Instead of a subject or question, the focus is on the famous person. This allows the writer to have a little more fun with their subject matter, as they can discuss whatever aspects of the person they’d like to address in their paper.

When deciding to write a paper on a famous person, there of course needs to be a famous person chosen. So, step one in the process of writing an essay about a famous person is to choose the famous person.

  1. Choose a famous person. This might sound like a really easy step, but in order to keep the attention of both the writer and the reader it is important to choose someone that is interesting, for good or bad reasons. This will be more exciting to research and it will be more interesting for readers when they are reading the essay.
  2. Because a famous person does have several different aspects to their life, such as appearance, family life, background, and accomplishments, it is important for the writer to narrow down the focus of the essay. One essay cannot do justice to every aspect of the famous person’s life. So, step two in writing about a famous person is to in fact narrow down the focus of the essay:

  3. Narrow the focus. This can be choosing to focus on family life or their greatest achievements. Perhaps the famous person is an actor and the writer would like to write about the three highest rated movies in which the actor appeared. Whatever the focus, it should be narrow enough to cover all aspects of that particular area in the actor’s life. This will give the essay some depth.
  4. Next, of course, comes research and this is true of every essay. A writer can’t simply write an essay without doing a little bit of background research.

  5. Research. Read up on the person’s life or the aspect of their life that will be the focus of the essay. This can end up being really interesting. Focus on the area that will be the main point of the essay whether that’s personal life, family, or greatest achievements.
  6. Last, of course, comes the writing!

  7. Write. The last step in the process is of course putting words on paper. This should come rather easily now since all of the research has already been done.