Top 10 narrative essay topics

Writing narrative essays can be tough. Most of us aren’t very good at writing stories to begin with. When writing a narrative essay you will have to tell a very specific type of story based on what your professor requests.

What are the best narrative essay topics?

Few of us have any idea where to start when writing a narrative essay. If you’re in that situation, this article will help you identify the ten best narrative essay topics. Here they are:

  1. How your childhood effected who you are as an adult
  2. What you learned about love during your first relationship
  3. How a baby taught you about what really matters
  4. How your relationship (or marriage) failed, and what you could have done differently
  5. Why you never realized just how important your parents were, and what happened to change that
  6. How a senior was able to teach you a lesson that you would have learned the hard way, and how that taught respect for your elders
  7. What raising a pet taught you
  8. How meeting a total stranger had a profound impact on how the rest of your life would turn out
  9. Why your best friend might not always really be your best friend
  10. How you saved someone’s life and learned the value of kindness to strangers in the process

Of course, you might not be able to write on all of these topics because you haven’t had those experiences. But why should that stop you?

You can make things up!

When you write a narrative essay everything is under your control. You have the right (and responsibility) to make up any details necessary to deliver your message.

Remember, a narrative essay is telling a story.

When you tell a story, you want to make sure you use the right kinds of sensory details. It will be easy for you to skip this step because it’s difficult. But if you include these details in your essay it will help the reader become more engaged.

You also want to make sure you utilize proper pacing. Don’t zip through the details too quickly or your reader won’t really be able to become engaged. If you take too long, your reader may become bored and never even finish reading the essay.

There are also individuals who can make all of this a lot easier for you. They provide their services as a writer to write custom essays for you, and some of them sell prewritten essays. You may want to consider using one of these services for your paper.