Nanotechnology research papers: using the proper scientific language

Understanding your audience is important as you begin a research project. It is also important to consider the topic, and the specific requirements for speaking with authority on any given topic or area of research.

Many scientific fields of study, including nanotechnology and other advancements, have specific key phrases that researchers and experts use. To make sure that you are using the correct terminology, you should consider the information listed below for double-checking your writing style and word usage.

Review for Correct Language Use

Nanotechnology and other fields in the area of technological advancement, have specific subsets for discussion – and terminology that makes it easier to communicate with others in the field.

Ensuring you are using the correct verbiage to speak with authority is important.

To do so, consider:

  • Reviewing Key Words: Most textbooks used for technological topics include key word reference materials and lists of important terms. Reviewing this information can help you understand how experts in the field communicate with one another.
  • Reviewing Expert Publications: Journals and even online articles written by leaders in the field of nanotechnology can shed some light on the specific terms that are used and highlighted regularly within the field. Do some searching for articles on the point you are discussing – the process can help your research process as well as your language checking process.
  • Ask Peers: If you are unsure of specific key words that might be worth focusing on, consider meeting with a study group or peer to discuss research options. Create a list of key words together – and help one another with the inclusion of each word a number of times within your body of work. Even if it isn’t natural to use the word, including it will help your visibility and overall effectiveness.

Speaking to researchers and experts in any field, especially in the form of a research study or essay, is an important part of building a career and better understanding of the process of sharing important information within that field. A big part of being noticed, and being considered as a credible researcher, is including key words and specific language that speaks to that particular research group. Each area of study has a preferred type of documentation and discussion – learning what applies to yours will help you as you continue your academic and professional career. And it will also make understanding the research completed by others easier – which will pay off when working in the field later.