Civil Liberties, Habeas Corpus, And The War On Terror

Is a progressive view on the war on terror, in such that America is bad, but Terrorists are innocent. Again attacking the Guantanamo detention center, and bypassing the results of Obama’s alternative courts. Looking at the views of the American Progressive, as it affects the War on Terror. Their view of an effective justice system in accordance to the Terrorists. And the results when they have been used.

  1. Boumediene v. Bush
  2. Alternative Detention System
  3. Civilian Courts VS Terrorists
  4. The Book

Boumediene v. Bush

This was a case, that the Progressive movement in the US cheered a big victory against the then President Bush. In this case, it was tried in the US Supreme Court, if the US had the right to refuse civilian trial to Prisoners. The Court ruled that prisoners had the right to habeas corpus, under the US constitution. And that the Military Commissions Act of 2006, was illegal in accordance with the US Constitution. What this meant, was that a Prisoner of War, and any suspected Terrorist could file for a civilian court and not a military court. It also stated that they must be given the right of US Citizens, even though they have no rights to such amenities.

Alternative Detention Systems

These are sites set up to detain enemy combatants, until it can be determined, their level of threat, if any. The reasons for this, is there have been a few cases where innocent people have been captured, for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. They were taken because of the mass confusion that sometimes arises when raids do not go as planned. And the Progressive view on this, is these people should be put in civilian prisons.

Civilian Courts VS Terrorists

Depending on your point of view; progressive, this has worked great, facts, this has been a bad move. With only three being released that have not gone back to their terror groups. He vast majority have returned to their groups and continued to support the terror movement. With over 17 being killed after release in military confrontations. And more have been found to have been mentioned, seen, or otherwise found within their old groups again.

The Book

Jonathan Hafetz promotes the progressive view that the civilian courts are doing a good job. Which leaves one to ask, for whom? He continues through the book to promote how the US should treat these prisoners with more dignity, and with the same rights as US Civilians.