Animal Testing Argumentative Essay

If you have been assigned an argumentative essay about animal testing, you have a challenging task to accomplish. So many people have already written about animal testing, so your challenge will not be to finish the essay, but to write something unique. If you are able to approach the topic from an interesting angle that other writers have not considered, you should be able to earn a topic grade for your essay.

Do Not Get Too Emotional

So many writers have tried to convince readers to agree with their opinions against animal testing by tugging at heartstrings or by telling graphic stories about the experiments that have been conducted on animals for the sake of science. For those readers who have not been convinced, in many cases, they do not care about animals in the first place. So, trying to connect emotionally to someone who does not like animals will continue to be ineffective.

Rules of Writing and Reading

Writers, especially those who are trying to convince readers to change their minds, should always remember that readers can stop reading at anytime. Therefore, if writers become too graphic or overly sappy and emotional, readers do not have to continue reading. They can also skip a section that they prefer not to read and move on to a less graphic part of the essay.

Facts and Logic are Necessary

Writers who are trying to maintain the status quo or convince readers that more animal testing should be conducted will need to appeal to the emotional connections of anti-animal-testing supporter. Like those who do not care about animals, those who do will need to have facts and logical support to convince them that animal testing is a good thing.

Develop a Plan Firt

This clearly means that crafting any type of argumentative essay about animal testing needs to have a well-crafted, thoughtful, and logical plan. Without advanced planning, argumentative essay writing, especially on extremely controversial subjects, can go seriously wrong. No one who spends any time writing an essay wants to have a failure on their hands.

Read Other Essays First

It can be helpful for writers tasked with crafting an argumentative essay about animal testing to read other essays. If they look at the writing style, the organization, and the support, writers will be able to see what worked and what failed. Writers who can look at both sides of the issue will be able to attack the subject with more logic and reason than writers who are overly committed to either side.