Examples of thesis statements for research papers

Your research paper starts with your thesis statement. It is an art to write a good one. Like all skills, writing a thesis statement requires patient practice. Since most students do not have that kind of experience on their repertoire, they require help writing it. You can also write a sterling thesis statement if you follow some simple tips and examples:

  1. Your thesis is not your opinion on something, neither is it an observation, or a request to the reader. It is your position on an issue that you are going to defend through evidence-based argumentation. Keep this in mind while writing your thesis statement.
  2. Example: Topic = Representation of tsarist Russia in Dostoyevsky’s Anna Karenina

    Your precise opinion= It depicts tsarist Russia accurately.

    Thesis Statement: Dostoyevsky’s Anna Karenina gives an accurate description of tsarist Russia. It uses the cultural details, words from the Russian language, and economic and geographical background of tsarist Russia.

  3. Your thesis statement tells the reader what the whole point of your paper is.
  4. However, you do not need to spell that out. Your statement should be able to do that without resorting to explanatory words, for example, “The point of the research is….”

    In the above example, the use of those words will unnecessarily stilt the flow of your statement.

  5. A more complex thesis statement will be constructed if you are asked to engage with and (especially) disagree with somebody else’s thoughts.
  6. Example: Although Plato says (…) to build the idealist philosophy, in this paper you will see Feuerbach’s concept of (xyz) to argue ….


    Although so-and-so argues that [AX+B], this paper will use “ABC’s” concept of XYZ to show that….

  7. Your thesis statement will be one sentence for a short paper and a paragraph for a longer, more complex paper.
  8. Write the thesis statement right in the beginning. Make sure your paper is focused on the reasons you make a point of in your thesis statement.
  9. In the example given earlier, your reasons for the thesis are:

    • Cultural details
    • Words from the Russian language
    • Economic and geographical backdrop

These are the points you expound upon in your paper. Your thesis statement will fall flat on its face, if the paper does nothing for it.

A good thesis statement will be upfront and bold. Do not place it in an obscure place like in mid-paragraph. Write your statement as clearly as possible and sound like you KNOW what you are talking about!