Mastering The APA Research Paper Format: Examples Of Citations

APA Citations can be confusing because there is so many ways that you can compose them, depending on the source that you are using.  Here I will show you how to write the most common of citations for your APA research paper.

In Text Citations

  • If you are using the entire work of a source, the in text citations look like this, (Smith, 2013).
  • If you are using a certain page for the source, it’s (Smith, 2013, p. 25).
  • If you find a source, usually online, that doesn’t have page numbers, then you can use 'para' for paragraph numbers, or sections.  (Smith, 2013, para. 2) or (Smith, 2013, Introduction section).
  • For multiple authors usually about two to three, you can just put the last names like this, (Smith & Jones, 2013) or (Smith, Jones, & Ross, 2013). Usually if you have four or more you put it like this, (Smith et al., 2013).
  • And a group of authors like the American Dietetic Association or ADA, it looks like this, (American Dietetic Association [ADA], 2013) or (ADA, 2013).

APA Citations For Reference Page

All citation titles should be capitalized except periodicals, the first word of titles and subtitle and any proper noun. And titles should be italicized like, books, periodicals, websites, reports, dissertations and theses, and photos or works of art.

Book Citation:

  • Last Name, First Initial. (Year published). Title of the Work: Publishing Company.
  • Last Name, First Initial. (Year published). Chapter Title. Book Title (Page numbers). City Published: Publishing Company.


Last Name, First Initial. (Date Published). Title of the Article (Kind of Article). Magazine Name, Volume number, Page numbers.


Last Name, First Initial. (Date Published). TITLE OF WORK IN ALL CAPS. Newspaper’s name, Page number.


Last Name, First Initial. (Date Published). Title of the Article. Website Name. Retrieved Date, from Website’s URL.


Last Name, First Initial. (Year Published). Title of Work. Journal Name, Volume Number, Page Numbers.


Last Name, First Initial of director’s name. (Director). (Year it was released). Movie Title [Motion picture]. Where it was shot: Name of the production company.

These are the basic APA citations that you will mostly use in your research paper.  Remember that they have to be indented and in alphabetical order on your reference page.  These can be confusing but if you have problems you can use citations sites that allow you to put in the information and get the correct citations but some don’t tell you how to do the in text ones.