Admission Essay Writing Guide: Relax And Write

Pressure of college admission

In almost every college, the admission essay is one of the things taken most seriously in the admission process. The pressure that comes for students knowing this fact is immense. Every college admission student stresses the fact that they need students to express their uniqueness in the admission essay. The whole point of the admission process involving an essay is that the student expresses things they cannot tick from a check box. The student should put in words why they have chosen the college, and why the college should accept them into their programs. Putting pressure on oneself will only be harmful to the student; they should relax and express themselves freely.

Being genuine

Having a relaxed attitude when writing the admission essay helps the student remain genuine and express their true nature. Admission essay are like interviews, with the employer being the prospective college. Putting oneself under unnecessary pressure will result in an inaccurate representation of the student. They will either be too overzealous or be too timid in their essay. Either way, it is a dangerous misrepresentation that might derail the chance that the student has of getting into the college they desire.


Being too uptight in the essay can be detrimental to one’s chances. Granted, being mature in the essay is helpful in the process but a little humor cannot hurt. The student should avoid being too heavy in the essay through the use of metaphors and complex language. They should at some instances lighten the mood with witty jokes. These help change the admission officer’ perception of the student, seeing them as only human and help them relate on a personal front. One should however be careful to avoid tasteless jokes, clichés or too much goofiness in the essay.

Revelation of character

The role of the admission essay is not to simply reveal to the admission officers those students that have a history of excelling in their academics and co-curricular activities. They also look for good citizens because they will have the new students living on their campus. A relaxed student can reveal their true strength of character, and write about those traits that not only make them a good student but also a good citizen.

Despite the advice that students should be relaxed, they should also be careful when writing. Essays should strike the perfect balance between being formal and informal to win the hearts and minds of the admission officers.