History Research Paper: Choosing the Most Interesting Century

Writing a History paper doesn’t have to be a boring task. The key to creating an uplifting, fun paper that doesn’t seem like torture to research is to pick the most appropriate century. There are plenty of them to choose from…but not everyone is attracted to the same things from the past. It is when you find a subject that is of interest to you that writing your research paper will become enjoyable.

Steps to Choose your Century

First, determine what your historical interests are. Does Gothic era excite you? There is plenty of researchable information concerning this exciting century. How does writing about the 21st Century appeal to you? Most college age students will find this time period most relevant since we are currently in this century.

The chosen century must be a period in which you find appealing and enjoyable to write about.

If you like history, choosing the century shouldn’t be a problem. If you aren’t particularly fond of history, get with a friend or a tutor. They can make the subject more interesting and assist in writing an impressive essay.

It is helpful to select something that you already have a great amount of knowledge in. This will reduce the amount of research time.

If you have been studying a particular century in your History class, why not write something about this? It is fresh in your mind with accurate information that will enable a paper to be written quickly.

The topic should also be one that has plenty of research information available. Believe it or not, some centuries in our history are not quite as popular as others and because of this have limited information sources available.

The purpose of the History research paper is to explain a period of time or a sequence of events to the reader. Be sure that the Century selected is one that you feel comfortable explaining to someone else. The research paper must include an introduction, a thesis and answer a specific question with a thorough explanation. Keep this information in mind when choosing the century and your abilities to create such a document.

Writing Your Paper

Writing your history paper concerning a specific century in history is simple when the tips above are followed. It isn’t difficult to choose what is most appealing for you to write about.

Follow the tips that are listed above to make it easier to choose the century that you will base your essay upon.