How to write a strong persuasive essay to get an A+

If you are writing a persuasive essay you can use note taking and outlines as a way to ensure the paper turns out top notch.

People learn in different ways which is why creative note taking is best suited to increasing your learning and knowledge, as it can be suited to your personal note taking needs. For those who learn best with words, ideas can be strung together with arrows or abbreviations. For those who are visual learners, colors, borders, and images can be integrated. The process of mind mapping turns note taking into something complete and compact. An entire lecture can be viewed with no more than one glance. When you are beginning an assignment or trying to prepare for a presentation it can be challenging just getting started. This is where brainstorming through mind mapping comes into play. You can create maps which allow you to add information in an effective and personalized manner. If, for instance, you are creating a report on a famous musician you may start with their name in the center and then brainstorm tangents such as influencers, main pieces, career, and personal life. You can then take other topics such as travels, mental health, emotions, and fill them in where they are appropriate. By organizing your brainstorming in this method you tap into the natural process of your brain which makes it simpler for your mind to follow and remember at a later date such as in an exam.

  • With mind mapping you can create perfect assignments.
  • You can select the research approach most suited for your assignment, get everything in its place, and start writing.
  • You can remove each small task as it is completed, making it easier to visualize what tasks remain. This reduces the overall stress and ensures you receive better grades, as you are now paying better attention to even the smallest of details.

Mind mapping also makes the process of memorization easier. Even recalling a single word or picture can mean the difference between passing and failing a test. With mind mapping, remembering a single word or phrase will trigger so much more. Mind mapping improves your memorization by increasing your attention, promoting your external memory, enhancing the meaningfulness of information by making it personal, using pictures, minimizing interferences, promoting active manipulation, promoting active reasoning wherein you ask questions, and increasing the amount of practice you receive. Mind mapping successfully addresses each of these eight elements and increases your memorization.