Looking for Free Essays and Term Papers Online Services

You are a college student, you don’t have money to spare, you have a paper due tomorrow, and you haven’t even started it yet, what do you do?  Well there are some options you can choose from: one you could pull an all-nighter and write the paper yourself, or you could choose from the essays and term papers available online to help you.  There are tons of services online that will write your paper for you but you have to pay for them. However, there are a couple that do offer free essays and term papers.

Free Service

  • There is a service online called 123helpme, which will give you free essay and term papers but also offers papers that you have to pay for.  They have it color coded so you can find the free ones but the downfall is that you might not find the paper available for free that you want or have to turn in.

Sadly, that is the only free online service to use for you essay or term paper.  You should know that you can’t get anything for free these days, that includes your homework but I will tell you about other online services that you can use that do cost money. 

Paid Services

  • If you are strapped for time there is a service that can have an essay for you in an hour, which is nice but you do have to pay for it. 
  • If you have more time, then other services might be what you need. The essay is cheaper if you request it early but becomes more expensive if they have less time to do the paper. 

Do It Yourself

You are technically an adult now so you should be doing your own work yourself and using these services might make the process easier and faster, but then you won’t learn anything.  You can’t just hire someone to do your work all the time, what are you going to do when you get a job?  You can’t have someone else do your work for you, you will probably be terminated. 


  • Tip #1:  Start your assignment early, so you are not rushed and forced to try and buy a paper that is probably plagiarized and will get you in trouble with your school.
  • Tip #2: If you are putting if off because you don’t understand it, ask for help.  This will boost your confidence in writing your paper on your own because you know how to do it.
  • Tip #3: If you don’t like the class or don’t think it is the right one for you then you might have to drop it.  College is expensive and paying for a class you aren’t interested in is a waste of money.