How To Gather Facts For Successful Essay Writing

It is a proven fact that any essay will only be as successful or as good as the research material gathered before the actual writing. In other words the better your research, and the more material you have at your disposal to create a successful essay, the better it will be. So how can you improve your fact gathering expertise?

  • brainstorming
  • variety of sources
  • expand your topic
  • study the bibliography
  • learn how to assess the worth of material
  • get a fantastic filing system

Brainstorming is a great way to gather facts. You need to have the basic idea or theme or topic of your essay at the head of a piece of paper. Then without pausing to think about things, you write anything and everything you can think of as a result of the topic. Forget spelling and punctuation and just get the facts down on paper. You will find this free flowing method is a great way to gather facts.

Use a variety of sources. Don't think that one book or one website will be sufficient. Be prepared to look in a wide variety of places. And don't forget to expand your topic. Don't use a general topic to go searching for facts but rather make it a detailed one. Refine your topic and allow a quality search engine to help you gather facts.

If there is any recommended reference book for your topic, then the bibliography can be a gold mine as far as finding facts are concerned. Study the bibliography in detail and select relevant sources.

But you will do yourself a power of good if you can develop the skill of assessing the worth of the material. Because the research material looks like being relevant to your topic doesn't mean that will be. Keep in mind the topic of your essay and if the research material you are reading is not relevant, cut it.

And finally your filing system is all-important. You will be gathering facts over days, weeks and possibly even months. You will collect facts and then will assess them and possibly use them in the future. Where will they be stored? You need a simple but effective storage system so that you can later, easily find your facts. You need to be able to gather a variety of facts but you must, repeat must have an efficient and safe system of storing them for future reference.