Do Social Networking Sites Hamper Real Life Relationships?

In today’s world, Facebook, twitter, MySpace, are common websites for people to meet and make acquaintances. It has become a part of our daily lives. With the fast developing world and the increasing use of internet it has led us to a point where we prefer ‘liking’ photos, writing ‘comments’ and wishing our friends over the social networking sites. Using the social networking sites is quite easy, moreover, it keeps us updated about what is going on in other people’s life, it reminds us of their important days as well as helps us keep a check on our exes.

But we have forgotten the real essence of a relationship. Nothing like calling a friend at midnight to wish on their birthday. Meeting people over coffee and dinner sounds fun compared to liking photos and wall posts on a social network. Not all the friends on a social network are regularly contacted or spoken to. One might open their profile once in a while; see what they are up to and move on. Social network is not as important as the existence of real life relationship.

Social networks sure have increased communication, brought us closer to the friends we had lost touch with, but a minute to minute update on the whereabouts is not really necessary. Love has become public and so has hatred. Once out of a relationship, it is easier to keep a tab on our exes. There are ‘break ups’ and ‘patch ups’ on a social network and the true essence of a relationship has come to a ‘relationship status update’ which informs others about the status of a relationship. Communication enriches a relationship; social network has reduced the communication to the minimum.

There is no ‘like’ button in our life, even though we have a 1000 friends on a social network, we are barely in touch with a few. On social network, we do not portray our selves the way we are. Professional life is connected to personal life so it is obvious that social networks will affect a relationship on a personal level. Internet addiction can lead to many problems in relationship; it also hampers the social life. Social networking can cause jealousy and betrayal in a relationship. If one decides to make excessive use of social network, one must make sure equal attention is paid to a real life relationship.