What is an Analytical Essay?

An analytical essay is a document that is written to achieve exactly what it implies, to analyze. When writing an analytical essay there certain things you should know.

  • You can choose any topic, but it is important to remember that the main aim of analytical essay is to give the reader a better understanding of the subject matter.
  • Take the subject you are writing about and separating the different categories within that subject.
  • Break the categories down even further, with a thorough analysis of each part.
  • If you were writing about a person, present an analysis based on examination of different stages of their lives. In this case, the topics examined would be childhood, marriage, career, education, and things like that. You would then examine the historical context of each category. With the example of writing about a person, analyzing the stages of their life will help the reader understand how that persons’ life progressed over the years.
  • Each time you break down one of the topics in your essay, the information you provide helps to show the relationship between each of those topics, thus leading to a thorough understanding of the entire subject in question.
  • Say you were researching a certain breed of animal, like a dog. You could research the ancestry of that breed and how it came into existence. By following the history of the breed of dog, you can discover how it came to have certain traits and characteristics because of its relation to other breeds. You would also to be better able to understand why some dogs have better behavioral skills, like the skill to hunt, than others.
  • When writing a research paper, usually your goal is simply to take one aspect of a topic and create your paper with a certain focus in mind, but with an analytical essay your goal is to look at all the different aspects of that particular topic.
  • Analytical essays are written so you can better understand how all those different aspects fit together, giving your readers a complete understanding of the entirety of a subject.
  • Try not to rush your paper, take the time to analyze each part, point by point.
  • This is an analytical paper, so the most important thing to remember is that you are striving to create an understanding, an explanation, of a certain topic. If you make your topic clear, and take the time to show the relationships between each category, then you should have the tools for a successful analytical essay.