How To Write A Great Essay Without Much Effort

Writing a great essay is hard. Writing a great essay without much effort is even harder. While the latter seems like somebody is simply looking for a way to get good grades or make money without putting the work in, it may be necessary due to time constraints or personal difficulties. So how do you write a great essay without much effort? Easy. Plagiarize everything. Wait? Oh, you mean how to write a great essay without much effort and even less plagiarizing? Okay fine. Here you go, Mr. Moral. 

Choose a topic, which has worked, for you in the past

  • When trying to write an essay without much effort, it is a good idea to chose a topic, which you have written about in the past.
  • Pick an essay that got a good mark and ask yourself why it worked so well. Always be careful not to plagiarize the previous essay.

Use established writing techniques

  • To write a great yet effortless essay, you should use techniques, which are associated with good writing. This will make it seem like you have put a lot of thought into your work.
  • Think back to your favorite novels and poems. What techniques worked in them? We all know a good metaphor doesn't need to make sense, it just needs to seem like it makes sense, remember to take advantage of that.

Be liberal with the quotes

  • One surefire way to writing a great essay without much effort is to use quotes often and for lines at a time.
  • A great quote from Einstein or Marx can enhance your essay as well as take up a great deal of space. All you have to do is make it seem natural and necessary.

Comment on a current issue

  • A relevant essay is a good essay. If you can comment on a current social or political issue, you'll be on your way to a good grade.
  • Like the quotes, the important thing here is to make your political/social commentary seem as natural as possible.

Draw on personal experiences

  • This is a great help if you're writing a creative essay. By drawing on your own experiences, you won't have to spend time thinking of an original plot or characters.
  • This is also a good tip even if you're willing to put a lot of time into your essay. Write about what you know!