Report Writing: Common Problems

Writing a report is something that many people have to do while in high school and college. It is not the easiest assignment being handed out, and oftentimes it causes students a great deal of headache and hardship. What is it that students find so difficult about writing a report? There are actually several things, and we are here to share a few of those with you.

Forgetting the Topic

It is important to stay on topic when creating a report, but oftentimes students find this a difficult task and lose track when they are writing. You must be able to convince the reader of your argument, which means that you need to stay focused. Read and re-read your report to ensure that you’ve not went off topic.


If your instructor has not provided specific details concerning the formatting that should be used you are free to choose the style that you want. But many students make the mistake of choosing something cool or stylish when the tried and true should be used. Stick to Times New Roman, and always use 12 point font.

Not Understanding your Assignment

Many students are unclear of what their report should detail, so the project often fails. Rather than take this chance, ensure that you ask plenty of questions so you know just where your attention should be focused.

Forgetting to Proofread

No matter how amazing of a paper that has been created, if it is filled with errors and misspellings it is not going to impress anyone. To avoid this simply proofread your document before submission to your professor. This extra step takes minutes of time and ensures that you have a paper ready to read.


Your professor will allot plenty of time for you to complete the research paper. Make sure that you take advantage of that time rather than wait till the last minute and try to rush. A paper that has been rushed is obvious to spot and will result in a grade less than what you hope for.

Forgetting to Cite Sources

At the end of your paper should be a listing of the sources used to compile the information inside of your report. Always use credible resources, and use the proper citation formatting. Without this list of citations your report is not effective.

Avoid these mistakes when writing your paper and you will come out on the top with an amazing paper.