Argumentative Paper - How To Choose An Unusual Topic

Argumentative papers are a staple of many college courses. They prove to the professor that you not only have an understanding of the subject matter, but that you are confident in your grasp of it. Good argumentative papers can be a real challenge to write, though, especially the beginning. The topic you choose will set the course for the rest of the assignment. Your best move can be to choose an unusual one. Read on to find out why.

Take a Calculated Risk

Most people don’t like arguments. They hate confrontation. So avoiding it in a college class, much less in a paper, can seem like a no-brainer. But when you’re tasked with an argumentative essay, it’s expected that you are going to bring in at least a little controversy. Don’t shy away from this. Your professor is going to read essay after essay from students that decided to play it safe. Yours will stick out for having the confidence to take a risk. As long as this risk is calculated and respectful, you can expect to be rewarded.

Look for an Unusual Topic Others Have Tackled

When choosing an unusual topic, research the subject matter thoroughly. In all likelihood, someone else has addressed the matter in a different way. This is a great way to get ideas and inspiration. Furthermore, it provides a reference to use for your paper’s citations.

One risk too far can be choosing an unusual topic no one else has ever touched. Although this might seem like it contradicts earlier advice, choosing a topic that literally no one has ever brought up makes for an unnecessary challenge. For one thing, there might be a very good reason no one else ever addressed it. However, for another, it will make citing sources very difficult. To be clear, it’s not impossible to pick an unusual topic that you’re the first one to write on. But as argumentative papers can be challenging enough, it might be very unadvisable.

Believe In Your Argument

Lastly, be sure you’re not picking the unusual topic solely for shock appeal. As it’s an argumentative essay, having some degree of passion in your argument is a huge advantage. While it’s possible to debate from the side you don’t believe in, it will make things more difficult. Plus, choosing an unusual topic that you actually believe in shows a personal investment in your college class.

Everyone will have to write an argumentative essay at one point or another. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the safe route is the right choice to make. Use the above guidelines to stand out from the crowd and you can expect your risk to pay off.