Things to Know about Biotechnology Research Papers

Biotechnology is a wide field consisting of genetic engineering and hybridization. Writing a research paper on the subject takes heavy outlining and draft papers. Do research using web pages, journals and academic books. Researching is one of the most important stages of writing this type of paper. Look for empirical biotechnology data using scientific journals and accredited online sources.

Once you have collected all of the necessary data use mark notes so that you have acknowledged the most important information. Highlight phrases that relate to important chapters in Biotechnology and genetic engineering. Add in your own commentaries and notes as you reflect on the data. By highlighting the most important information you can create a strong essay.

Start Organizing your Ideas

Organizing your notes is going to help you as you're writing and it will also provide you with clarity. Collect all of the highlighted content and color code it so that it's easier to sequence the information throughout the essay. It's important to record what sources you are using when it's time to build your reference page.

When you begin writing the biotechnology research paper you will first want to recognize the goal of the paper. Has the instructor provided you with strict guidelines? Note that there are two different types of research papers. One of them is analytical and one is argumentative. Each one calls for a different style of writing and it also requires sourced information.

The Audience and Thesis

Who is going to be looking over the paper? If you are writing it for your instructor you'll want to verify that the tone reflects what they are looking for in an assignment. If what you are writing is purely for academic peers then you'll want to reflect on the information although there isn't a need to explain genetic engineering theories in detail. If you are writing to someone who doesn't know much about biotechnology then you will want to write about the subject and provide the audience with subject explanations.

The thesis statement that you use should be in support of the main argument. You will be able to alter the wording so that it presents the purpose of the essay. Remember that this is going to guide all of your body paragraphs. It's important that you are clear and concise with your main idea, topic sentences and transitions in each paragraph. The thesis should also be strong so that the rest of the essay supports the main idea.

What are the Main Points?

This essay revolves around what you find important or controversial in the field. Being that it is a biotechnology research paper, you'll want to narrow down the subject depending on what the instructor is looking for: computer science issues, biology topics, chemistry, genetics, healthcare industry etc. As you are outlining the ideas put your strongest points at the beginning and at the end of the essay. The main point doesn't have to be kept to one paragraph either. Spread out the main idea as long as the details are organized and transitioned smoothly.