Atomic Bomb Essay Structure

The atomic bomb is a fearsome, powerful weapon of destruction. Writing an essay about the bomb is the same as writing any other essay. You follow the same general procedure as writing any other essay, but you merely change the subject. Writing an essay embodies three main areas:

  • Ask questions.
  • Research.
  • Write.

Ask Questions

Unless your instructor assigns you a specific topic to write about the greater subject, you’ll want to ask questions. This will allow you to narrow your subject to a few main topics that you can easily tackle. This should be done with any essay you are given and either after you’ve read the material—in the case of literature—or before when you are given a broad subject to approach.

  • History of the atomic bomb.
  • The uses of the atomic bomb in warfare.
  • The dangers of manufacturing atomic bombs.
  • The future of nuclear weapons.
  • World government laws against the manufacture of atomic bombs and other nuclear weaponry.

It is possible to further narrow the topics if needed. Answering the questions or reflecting on the topics will give you the thesis statement.


After choosing a topic, research it and take notes. You’ll need to take the notes for citations and bibliography as well as quotes during the essay. Research will give your essay something to stand on—especially your thesis statement. This is mostly reading, so you’ll want to start research—and the question and answer brainstorming—earlier in your term.


When writing your essay, you’ll want to establish a strong pace. The flow of your essay can be bogged down by too much in the way of facts. In short, try to be even handed with facts. State only the important ones that support your point. You’ll also need to open and close huge in your essay.

A strong introduction will include your thesis statement and a preview for what lies ahead in the essay. Your closing statement will let the reader know once again why you feel so strongly or what your point was about the atomic bomb in this case. It will also give a very brief review for the reader.

Formatting can be done before the essay is started or after you’ve completed it. Format your essay using the style your instructor requests. If they haven’t requested one, use one of the widely used formats such as APA, MLA, and so on.

Time Management

You’ll want to master time management to get through your essay successfully. This simply means starting early or pacing your essay. Working on the essay in installment throughout your course term will help as well.