Argumentative Essay

Many researchers in gender studies are focused on the topics that are related to the male and female roles in society, their self-esteem and self-identification in the modern society. It is clear that both genders are equal by law, according to the logics and common sense. However, biological differences between men and women have led to formulate the stereotypes that prevent the society from making good decisions and judgments about the roles granted to people to function well and organize the activities in the proper way. Men and women are not equal only biologically, but they can perform the same roles and perform social activities that would be of much use in life. How to make it sound reasonable? How to help to overcome social stereotypes, when there are prejudices towards both sexes? This problem should be solved not that at the level of law, but by means of overcoming the greatest problems in the mind of people, letting them open to the new wind s that can change their attitude to life.

Kimmel indicates these problems to be crucial for the understanding the roles of the new generations. He discusses the major problems of how people can understand the reality, how they can percept the things that are hidden inside human souls. For example, when we see a man who is dressed in a pink T-shirt, who cares about his appearance, do we have the right to make a judgment that he is a homosexual? If this statement is true, consequently it will be true to assume as if this person has no right to wear what he wants. Is this pink T-shirt a sign of homosexuality? Or maybe it is just a kind of protest against the social stereotypes. It can be true that this man is just wearing what he likes, such as the colorful cloths, or even applying the make-up just to look like stylish and very well, but he may not be aimed to attract the same or the opposite sex. This example provided by Kimmel just illustrates how people treat those who are different. The problem is that being unique in the modern society even a little risky, especially in reference to some countries that are closed and where people are focused just on material things. They are not ready to accept the new style of life. First, these are the countries that still live under the circumstances of the oppressive regimes who dictate how to behave and what to do. For example, these are the countries of the Middle East, some African countries, Russia, other closed countries of the former USSR. People are still not ready to accept the wind of changes that is close to them, due to the processes of globalization. If considering the statement that in the middle of difficulty lays the opportunity, there is a good chance to understand that we all are brothers, irrespectively of the religion, race, sex, or orientation.

Kimmel points out many difficulties that modern males can face with, when living in the society. For example, it can be even “the fear of other men – that other men will perceive you as a failure, as a fraud.” This statement completely coincides with the social rules and stereotypes that men should “never give up, be strong, be aggressive, show no fear, show no mercy, get rich, get win…[etc.]” The researcher even is focused on some traditional “male” features and rules of behavior like never cry, not get mad, always win, just doing it, etc. These are all the features that are dictated by the society, and these rules may be the essential features of the so called guy code. One more stereotype in relevance to the behavior is that men should be focused on the physical rather than on the emotional. This statement does not have logics in it, and it can be truthful only in the relevance of the individual style of behavior.

Undoubtedly, people should have the right to choose their style of life, irrespectively of the attitude from the society. There should be no division in perception of the reality between males and females. Every person has the right to choose what to do and how to make decisions about the future life, including the issues of the appearances, dresses, styles of behavior. Overcoming the fear of failure means following what the heart tells, including how to behave and how to make decisions.

The things that are considered by the society as unmanly should be applied to the context of both genders. Both sexes have equal rights, and people just percept what they would like to hear or think they know. The prejudices are the issues that we should overcome to be the worthy members of the society. Those who are joined to the communities of people, should take care about the common interests, and even inside the certain groups of people, united by the social orientation, there are those who are different. Consequently, judging dresses and compare them to the styles of behavior and even to the orientation is the problem in thinking that should be overcome in the nearest future. Revolution in perception of the reality and in attitude to people is what is of the greatest actuality nowadays.

The role of women in the modern society that is diverse and changed by social norms. It would be very good to evaluate also how women should function in the society, even if these roles cannot be developed in the context of some of the out-dated countries, with the oppressive regimes for the human mind and free thinking. Modern women are not that sure about their roles in the society, as for every person, the roles should be measured individually. Every person should have right to choose his/her place in the modern world, no matter how it goes in the beginning. Starting from understanding who we are and what are our roles in this world, we can change this world for better, and it is better to believe that the best is yet to come by means of just giving it a try. Nowadays, some people reveal their negative attitude towards homosexuality, and this attitude is dictated by even some religious practices. Gender roles are a sensitive category that can be easily understood only by the highly-educated people who are ready to open the mind for the different view.