The main Qualities of an Argumentative Essay

In argumentative essays, you have an opinion and you argue to convince reader on your opinion. You reveal or discuss you agreement or disagreement with someone or something. There are different types of argumentative essays. Argumentative essays have multiple benefits and can be used for different purposes.

Express opinions:

Your personal opinion can be stated and explained in argumentative essays. As the name reveals, argumentative essays help you to settle your opinion and give arguments on it. The arguments can be for or against the topic. The arguments must be strong and comprehensive.


Your essay should be persuasive enough to settle your arguments. Arguments should be compelling, potent and efficacious. Moreover, it is often vehement and profound. It gives you a chance to lay foundation of your thesis by explaining it in all possible ways. Argumentative essay gives you enough margins to analyze your own thesis statement.


Argumentative essay has its philosophy in logic. The whole structure is formed such that it assembles and integrates all the arguments and helps you nurture your point of view and hence, represent it to others in a more compelling way.


Argumentative essay is not a page of diary that you start writing whatever comes to your mind. The whole set involves insightful and comprehensive planning to make it more organized and structured. Planning also helps to accumulate ideas, arguments and perspectives. Without planning, you cannot produce a successful argumentative essay. It provides more opportunities to offer support and reasons for the argument or perspective you support. You also get chance to refute the opposing ideas or arguments.

Concluding the essay:

Once you have described and presented all your supporting points, you need to summarize and conclude it at the end. In this way, you revisit your opinion and also it strengthens your point of view by proving that the focus is not lost in all its way and is well proven.

Some things should be taken care of while developing your argumentative essay. Always use sequence of arguments instead of presenting them haphazardly. No strong personal expressions must be used as it gives business to your arguments and weakens the grounds of your essay. Examples should also be provided to strengthen your thesis and try to write original knowledge and information in the whole essay. Give interesting points so that your essay doesn’t become boring.