Technology and kids

Gone are those days when people had to travel miles, hike high mountains and sail across rivers to seek a certain truth, information or an art. Technology has brought about the biggest revolution in human history and has miraculously shortened the distances. The point to ponder however is, whether this fast pacing world of internet will benefit our kids and enhance their thinking abilities or not.

Humans are blessed with the thinking ability and ever since a child is born, his brain development starts. A fetus starts distinguishing between sounds, as early as 6 months in his mother’s womb. In the world of smartphones and tabs it is almost impossible to keep your child away from the latest technologies and the information, which travels through them. Most parents think there is not much we can do about it and let the kid do whatever he wants to. However, we must understand that we master technology and it is our slave, we should not let it dominate our thinking process. Rather than being brain fed by the technology and its tools, we should try to use our analytical sense and improve our usage. The hard truth, however, is that none of us has enough time to think and ponder about the cost and time that we are spending on technology and how we could have used it into building something case of children, their brains are young and malleable, they can easily be molded, their thinking can be altered and their directions can be switched by a little influence. The technology that we use determines how our brains function in the long run. In the past, books were most liable source of information and researches show that reading increases concentration level and the ability to be open to learning. Similarly the use of technology improves the ability of scanning through information reaction time. Technology undoubtedly effects the way children think, act, talk, make decisions, form opinions and shapes their general approach towards life.

The effects of technology on children are numerous, that can be both positive and negative. The answer to the question is whether it develops or destroys your child’s thinking process depends upon how and what technology is your child using. Moreover the time span that he spends on technology, also plays a vital role in determining the effects, technology will have on your kid’s behavior and thinking process.