8 Things To Remember When Writing Opinion Essays

Writing an opinion essay can seem more challenging than other kinds of essays. Why is that? Possibly because students are afraid to state their opinion and would rather base an essay on fact? Whatever the reason, your opinion essay can be much easier to write if you remember these important things:

  1. Pre-writing is helpful. The part of essay writing that comes before the first draft is called pre-writing. That’s because you work on other things such as brainstorming, writing down ideas that come into your head, writing down ideas that come from research, organizing and making an outline. All of these steps can actually save you a lot of time later.
  2. The introduction is usually only one paragraph. If your essay isn’t more than a few pages long, never make your introduction longer than one paragraph. It should introduce your subject as well as state your thesis question. Your introduction should summarize what’s coming up. It can’t and shouldn’t be highly detailed.
  3. The body of the essay contains the supporting statements. Each paragraph should be a different main idea that supports the thesis statement. Because it’s an opinion essay, you don’t necessarily have to research any facts. Your opinion is what counts here. If you want to show how you formed your opinion based on facts, then you can include the relevant facts.
  4. Each paragraph should flow smoothly into the next. Think of a logical order in which to place your paragraphs. They could be in any order that seems to suit your essay. Some students choose the weakest first and end with the strongest. Others choose to use a chronological order, if applicable.
  5. The conclusion should also be only one paragraph. Restate the opinion you used in the thesis statement and briefly summarized how you supported that opinion in the body of your essay.
  6. Pay attention to tenses in the body of your essay. Don’t mix past, present and future tenses. Be consistent.
  7. You can use first person because you are stating your opinion. It’s okay to say “in my opinion…in my view…I think that…etc.”
  8. It’s critical to ensure your essay is clean and contains no spelling or grammatical errors. If you feel it necessary to include slang words, consider putting them into a quote. When wrapped in quotation marks, slang words aren’t as offensive in an academic essay.